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Risk Assessment Inspection Reports
site inspections testing for asbestos, lead paint, bio hazard and clandestine labs. South Island Remediation services the Victoria and Gulf Islands
South Island Remediation will attend and perform an inspection and supply a risk assessment for asbestos, mould, lead paint, bio hazards with findings and recommendations. We can supply bulk sample testing for asbestos, mould, lead paint and bio hazardous materials. All samples are sent to a local independent accredited lab for testing.

Thinking of buying a home? 
Most lenders require an asbestos inventory of the property you are buying. South Island Remediation is fully trained, and experienced for these types of reports.We will attend and take bulk samples of suspected asbestos containing materials A.C.M to an independent accredited lab for testing. We will supply a report of findings and recommendations.

Not sure why your attic, crawlspace or some strange black mould is growing in a closet?
South Island Remediation will attend and perform a moisture check to locate water intrusion or elevated moisture (humidity) and supply pictures and a report of findings with recommendations.  South Island Remediation will also report any additional findings that may be at risk, electrical, plumbing, roofing etc...
South Island Remediation is called upon by Realtors, Property Managers, home owners and home inspectors to resolve these types of risk .Contact Vincent Moriarity at 250-888-8003 to schedule an inspection.